Launching: The truth is....

The truth is, rebuilding a photography business is a little bit of a daunting task for me. Before we moved to Omaha, my business was solely word of mouth. It grew slowly from friends & friends of friends. I knew most of my clients before they booked me for a session. My client load was small enough that even if I didn't know them before our session, we easily became friends through the process. I did not advertise outside of sneak peeks on Facebook. I only ran a small handful of promotions; half-heartedly at that. I didn't have to be brave in marketing myself.

The truth is, I'm building a new photography business and working on being brave. Having a studio space is so exciting for me, as is having two real-life photography friends in the women I share the studio with. They're both excellent photographers, great support-givers and cool chicks.

The truth is, promoting something like a "Portrait Party" is pretty far outside my comfort zone. I thought it might be cheesy and salesy. But I posted some information about it on Facebook and am so encouraged by the response. A few people are working on rounding up friends and we're starting to talk dates. Friends, new clients and momentum! It's not cheesy or salesy, it's fun and a great way to reach new people!

Here's the deal: If you choose to host a party, you get your session free! You'll round up 4-6 families, pick a date, time & place. You all can hang out while we take turns doing short sessions. This is so perfect to get a shot for holiday cards. The images can even be uploaded to or another photo site to order cards.

To discuss booking a Portrait Party or a regular session, please email or call (574-344-3334).